Vitamin C Drip

Vitamin C Drip

Our Mega Dose Vitamin C Drip provides 50 grams of pure Vitamin C—or more than twice the amount you’d get from a typical supplement—to help inhibit the growth of harmful cells. Our formula is specially designed to give your immune system a boost and make your skin glow.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble nutrient essential for growth and repair of all parts of the body. This vitamin plays key roles in red blood cell production, resisting damage from free radicals and collagen production, wound healing, immune system function and healthy skin tone.

High Dose Vit 1 1 by DreamWork Infusion and Wellness Center in McKinney, TX

Vitamin C is not produced by the body, and it cannot be stored. Therefore, it is important to include plenty of vitamin C-containing foods or supplementation in your daily diet.

You might have heard that drinking orange juice is a good way to obtain vitamin C, but the truth is that most OJs contain a lot of sugar and do not contain enough of the vitamin to help you recover or fight off an impending illness. A quick boost in your immune system will cut viral and bacterial load so that you recover faster.

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that can help prevent the formation, activity, and buildup of free radicals. The aging process is largely responsible for the build-up of such free radicals, which can lead to health issues such as cancer and arthritis. Antioxidants help prevent these damage-causing free radicals from forming in the first place by keeping your cells and tissues healthy.

Numerous studies have shown that large doses of Vitamin C can inhibit the growth of cancer cells by increasing collagen production and decreasing free radicals.

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