A Fast and Effective Treatment for Depression

What is SPRAVATO™?

SPRAVATO™, also known as esketamine, is a rapid-onset treatment for depression. When used in conjunction with therapy, it helps to alleviate symptoms of treatment-resistant depression and other mood disorders.

The FDA’s approval of this drug is considered one of the most significant advances in mental health research in the last 30 years, because it gives patients who have failed two or more antidepressants an alternative to more intense medication.

SPRAVATO™ can only be administered at approved treatment centers, where it is overseen by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. DreamWork is one of these clinics and our team of medical professionals are here to help you heal.

Why Consider SPRAVATO™?

One of the primary benefits of SPRAVATO™ is that it can work more quickly than traditional antidepressants, with some patients reporting improvement in symptoms within hours or days of the first dose. Additionally, SPRAVATO™ may have fewer side effects than other antidepressants, although it can still cause some side effects, including nausea, dizziness, and disorientation.

Rapid, significant relief from depressive symptoms.

The SPRAVATO™ nasal spray does not employ needles.

Treat the cause of depression, rather than just managing it.

Consult with professionals to achieve a broad perspective.

We accept all major insurances. Please call 214-592-8159 for more information.

How To Get Started With SPRAVATO™ Treatment

You request an appointment

You can request a telebehavioral health appointment by filling out the form below or calling 214-592-8159.

We see you for an evaluation

During your evaluation appointment, our providers will gather information about your medical history and discuss whether you qualify for our treatment program.

We verify your insurance eligibility and obtain a pre-authorization

Our staff members work with your insurance provider to determine your coverage. We let you know what your co-pays are and determine the treatment regimen based on your diagnosis, medical history, and insurance guidelines

You go through the treatment course

During each treatment appointment, one of our providers will administer SPRAVATO™ and monitor your vital signs for 2 hours. Since ketamine greatly increases neuroplasticity (your ability to learn new information and reorganize the old one), you can use the time you wait for discharge with therapeutic benefit: you can journal, or listen to or watch uplifting material, talk to a supportive friend or family member. The average treatment course lasts about 8 weeks with one or two appointments weekly.

We help you heal

Our goal is to help you identify the source of your condition and heal it through the course of treatments. We encourage regular therapy visits and medication management appointments in conjunction with SPRAVATO™ treatments to ensure the best outcomes.

Find Out If SPRAVATO™ Is Right For You