Mini Myers

Mini Myers

Inflammation is the body’s response to tissue damage and other injuries, a vital component of the healing process.Poor diet and exposure to chemicals, as well as stress, can cause an inflammatory response that may trigger a variety of debilitating symptoms.

Left untreated, inflammation can damage your organs and joints leading to chronic diseases including Irritable Bowel Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, ‘leaky gut’ (increased intestinal permeability), and Crohn’s Disease.

Chronic diseases can lead to a variety of symptoms, including gas, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea; aching or painful joints; nausea; extreme tiredness; and fever. All of these symptoms can seriously compromise your health and feelings of well-being.

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How to reduce inflammation?

When a person eats an unhealthy diet, does not exercise regularly, and has a stressful lifestyle, the body responds by triggering inflammation.

Inflammation is a normal part of the body’s response to injury and infection. However, when it becomes chronic, it can cause diseases such as arthritis and diabetes.

To reduce inflammation, it’s important to follow an anti-inflammatory diet and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially those that are rich in antioxidants like berries, broccoli, tomatoes and red bell peppers. These foods help neutralize free radicals that cause damage to cells and lead to chronic inflammation.

Our pure and powerful Mini Myers IV Vitamin Infusion can help reduce discomfort and treat inflammation.

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